Up-and-over Garage Doors

With over 20 fully customisable products, the Hörmann selection of up-and-over garage doors is certain to include the optimum garage entry solution for any residential project. Reflecting over 50 years of experience in the garage door design and manufacturing industry, Hörmann’s up-and-over doors are engineered for performance and aesthetic excellence.

Employing a multiple spring safety system and flexible protective caps and strips on metal components, over-and-up garage doors have a long service life and high standard of operational safety. A cushioned stop and rotary catch lock means that Hörmann doors come to a safe, quiet stop on every close, and act as a secure garage enclosure.

Featuring handheld radio operation and a remote LED sensor to determine whether the gate is open or shut at the push of a button, Hörmann up-and-over doors provide excellent performance and user peace of mind.

The range of up-and-over doors is available in timber or metal with a range of finishes including ribbed, smooth, and Decograin, making it  a versatile addition to any garage and home.

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