Stylestone Concrete Pavers by Midland Brick

Stylestone Concrete Pavers provide a classic look and timeless beauty that works beautifully together to create a unique look and finish. From elegant entertaining areas and pathways to prestige driveways, Stylestone concrete pavers will add a professional touch to any landscape design.  Stylestone Concrete Pavers are easy to install for DIY enthusiasts, with just a couple of metal runners, screeding bar, rubber mallet and gardening gloves needed to get started.   


40mm thick pavers suitable for pathways and patios  +  60mm thick pavers suitable for driveways, crossovers, pathways and patios.       


Dimensions: 300x300x40mm, 300x300x60mm, 400x400x40mm and 400x400x60mm.   


Available in two unique textures: Coral, featuring a tactile dimpled texture and Rockpave, featuring a natural stone texture.

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