Sectional Garage Doors

For design elegance, exceptional automatic performance, and unrivalled durability, Hörmann’s broad selection of sectional garage doors is unbeatable.

Operating vertically and retracting completely into the top of the door recess, sectional garage doors maximise space both inside and in front of the garage, and can be installed in garage openings of any size. Incorporating flush-fitting fascia panels, highly efficient thermal insulation, and innovative driving mechanisms, Hörmann’s sectional doors can be customised to suit any home.

The range is available with a selection of Decograin surface finishes and in a variety of colours, with matching door frames and eaves also on offer. Every product in the German-engineered range is highly weather resistant, enduring extreme wind, rain, and snow conditions with no compromise in performance quality.

Other security features include a handheld radio control, LED transmitter to remotely determine whether the gate is open or shut, and an integrated boom stop and anti-lift technology. 

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