Pyroshield is a contemporary, fire resistant, and aesthetically pleasing glass designed by Viridian. It contains a chemically-treated steel wire mesh that is sandwiched in the center of the glass during the manufacturing process, and the both sides of the glass are then ground and polished so as to provide vision that is completely free from distortion. If Pyroshield is exposed to fire, the glass fractures, but remains held together by the wire mesh, helping maintaining its integrity and preventing potentially serious glass injuries. Maintaining the glass integrity also prevents the passage of flame, smoke, and gases, and can also serve as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders.

Proven fire-resistant performance + Doesn’t get affected by water spray or cracking + External or internal applications + Remains transparent all through fire period + Restricts hot gases, smoke, and flames

Thickness: 6 mm + Integrity: 60 mins. + Maximum size tested: 1400 X 1600 mm

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