Pyramid Skylight

Skydome Pyramid Skylight is one of the largest skylights available on the Australian market, specifically engineered to be a single, large-format 1-piece unit mounted upon a flashing and a base. The Skydome Pyramid Skylight is the ideal solution to harnessing and distributing maximum light in a given space. Each Skydome light is followed with seven-year guarantee covering workmanship and manufacture, and is assured to eliminate around 99% of dangerous ultraviolet rays. *FEATURES* Can be easily color-matched with respect to roof + 1-piece thermoformed up to 2400 sq. mm + Complete accessory range + Can be adjusted to suit roof profile of any type + Guaranteed leakproof as per AS4285/1995 *SPECIFICATIONS* Width varying between 800 and 1800 mm + Light area varying between 0.640 and 3.240 sq. m + Vent area varying between 0.127 and 0.272 sq. m

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