Viridian Profilit is a self-supporting glazing system consisting of U-shaped profiled glass, and supplied as a glass and framing system for internal partitions and facades. Stylish yet highly durable, Viridian Profilit allows diffused light to enter the building while presenting a translucent external appearance on the building façade. Profilit can be installed as a single wall, or as a double wall for extra thermal and sound insulation. The panels have been manufactured in single lengths of 3 to 5.8 m, and the joints between panels can be configured horizontally or vertically.

Dimensions: Flange: 41 mm, width: 262 mm + Light transmission: single shell: 86%, double shell: 75% + Insulation U value: single shell: 5.6, double shell: 2.8 + Sound transmission: single shell: 22 dB, double shell: 38 dB

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