NightScape Dual Reflective Films

As more people opt for solar control films as part of their total window treatment, a new concern has emerged: the interior light reflection during the evening that affects a normal outside view of the sunset. The day and the night time privacy is also the issue here as homeowners are rather uneasy about the ability to look inside a window rather than looking out. The solution here is NightScape Dual Reflective Films: a unique hybrid product with a charcoal dyed layer on top of an aluminium metallised film, which offers optical clarity whilst minimising the harsh reflectivity problem found in other films.

Reverse hybrid constructed + Achieves low interior and exterior reflectivity allowing optimal day and night time view + High heat rejection means lower energy costs and more comfortable household/ office experience + Blocks 99 per cent of harmful UV rays, reducing interior fading of furniture, rugs, paintings and wood floors + CST scratch resistant hard coat for long lasting durability

NS 15: Visible light transmission 17%, Visible light reflection 14%, Glare reduction 8% + NS 25: Visible light transmission 28%, Visible light reflection 16%, Glare reduction 69% + NS 35: Visible light transmission 36%, Visible light reflection 17%, Glare reduction is 60%.

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