New Envirotec Dual Climate Energy Control Film by High Performance Window Films

New Envirotec Dual Climate Energy Control Film is a range of spectrally selective window films improved with a microscopic metallic coating. They have been optically designed to reflect some electromagnetic radiation wavelengths, so that at the same time, they remain transparent yet block out light from other angles. Heating infrared radiation is blocked completely, but a high proportion of sunlight, or visible solar radiation is transmitted. This product therefore provides a dual climate benefit: during the summer season, heat from sun is reflected away, but during the winter season, a certain quantity of heat from outer area passes through glass. This leads to reflection of radiant heat back inside the room. Envirotec Dual Climate Energy Control Film therefore makes windows more efficient, irrespective of season.

Protection from glare and heat + Transparent for good visibility + Lower utility operating costs + Long-lasting good looks ensured by scratch-resistant coating + Blocks around 99% of UV rays + Blocks around 55% of solar energy on the whole + High visible light transmission up to 70%

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