Energy Management Film by High Performance Window Films

High Performance Window Films offer energy management solutions with their environmentally efficient and cost saving range of Energy management Films. By protecting buildings from temperature variations and reducing solar heat gain by 80%, these films can produce energy savings of up to 35%. The effectiveness of these products is guaranteed by their high star ratings under the Window Energy Rating Scheme (WERS). Ensuring Energy MF™ will save money over the life cycle of the building while also reducing its environmental impact. Their free energy modelling analysis offers an obligation-free way of seeing how these savings can best apply to your building. These energy savings are accompanied by tangible improvements to the quality of life for users of the building. Reducing glare on computer screens by over 85%, Energy Management Film can limit eye strain and fatigue. As well as this, by blocking solar heat gain, these films make it possible to create an even temperature throughout the building, eliminating hot spots. In the event of window breakage, it will even limit damage and injury by holding glass shards in place. The result is a happier, safer and more productive workforce, and more comfortable and satisfied tenants. Blocking 99% of harmful UV rays, these films will make your building a more pleasant and comfortable environment. And, because UV radiation is responsible for 40% of all fading, they can lengthen the life of carpets, furniture, fittings and display stock, reducing replacement costs and keeping the building interiors looking new for longer.

Blocks solar heat gain + reduces glare on computer screens by over 85% + saves money + Lower utility operating costs + blocks around 99% of UV rays + helps limit eye strain and fatigue.

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