Dernier Door Plates by SignLink

The Dernier series of door plates is an extensive range of door signage offered by SignLink Sign Systems. Models include the simple Door Plate DP100-S which is designed for a minimal and clean finish. Without any visible fixings and consisting of a singular plate that will not rattle when doors are opened, the DP100-S is ideal for offices and hospitals. In cases where multiple door plates are needed to form a singular plate the DP100-M is ideal. At 3.8 mm thick, the plate allows for vinyl lettering to be applied or engraved with paint filling. In applications susceptible to vandalism, the DP100-EL can accept engraving laminate faceplates or SNA aluminium inserts. The Dernier series of door plates are all available with a satin natural anodised silver finish and in a range of standard sizes specific to each model.





Varying faceplate connections in each model to suit needs, from fully closed to removable + Custom painting




Satin natural anodised silver finish + Range of standard sizes specific to each model and use




DP100-S Dernier Series Door Plate + DP100-M Dernier Series Door Plate with Multiple Plates + DP100SSEC Dernier Series Security Door Plate + DP100-SP Dernier Series Door Plate with Slider + DP100-PI Dernier Series Paper Insert Door Plate + DP100-EL Dernier Series Door Plate to suit Engraving Laminate + DP100-CSP Dernier Series Combination Door Plate with Slider + DP100-CPI Dernier Series Combination Paper Insert Door Plate




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