Decorative and Designer Films by High Performance Window Films

Make a statement with a stunning customised design on internal or external surfaces for impact, privacy, branding promotion, or simply decoration. Lateral Decorative and Designer Films are the newest design and decorative films from High Performance Window Films. Full photo quality images can now be digitally printed directly onto frosted, opaque or clear films, providing cutting edge design solutions for corporate and retail identity. Whether it be logos, internal office partitions or signage, HPWF is the only group to offer full in-house design and production facilities to meet tight deadlines and client demands. In addition to these, HPWF have a full spectrum of coloured translucent films, all with a durable and unique scratch resistant coating. This interior glass film product adds novel dimensions to various plain glass surfaces such as windows, doors and partitions, redefining the way in which they interrelate with interior design and conventional architecture. There is a broad spectrum of coloured and patterned films available, all of which are suitable for both exterior and interior applications. Anything imaginable can be printed onto film and then applied to glass to create a stunning visual effect, hpwf can even help you design a tailor made solution for your exact needs. *FEATURES* Custom-tailored visual effects + Dramatic impact + Internal and external application + Suitable for use on various glass surfaces

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