Danpalon Polycarbonate Cladding at the Barcode Recall Storage Facility, Greystanes

A building’s façade creates an immutable image in our consciousness: think of the silver undulations of the Guggenheim Bilbao, and the gleaming white tiles on our own Sydney Opera House. Danpalon has an impressive track record when it comes to stunning, practical façades, having provided the “face” for many well recognised projects.

Designed to hold over 6 million A3 cardboard archive boxes, the Lacoste + Stevenson designed Recall Storage Facility would be little more than your gardenvariety warehouse without its trademark “barcode” façade, courtesy of Danpalon polycarbonate cladding panels. The building is clad in alternating panels and digitalstyle numerals along its massive exterior. As a result, the structure portrays a sense of playfulness and edginess – not something one would ordinarily associate with a storage warehouse.

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