Danpalon Multicell Translucent Sheet Cladding

Danpalon Multicell is a unique translucent sheet that has quickly become the most prominent polycarbonate product introduced to the market in recent years. The unique properties of Danaplon Multicell continue to make it the ideal choice for complex projects, such as the Ashfield Indoor Pool. This is the third indoor swimming centre designed by the Facility Design Group to benefit from a full Danpalon roof. As with the previous two large centres at Junee and Wollondilly, Ashfield provides a sheltered and safe daytime swimming venue with unparalleled daylight qualities.

Standing seam connection method with a snap-on connector and concealed stainless steel retention
clips + Provides a total roof structure with absolutely no condensation-causing thermal bridging + Impact compliance with AS1562.3 which eliminates the requirement for safety mesh under roofs over 3.0 m above ground + Improves rigidity, allowing for increased spanning + Strength supported by a 10 year hail damage and discolouration guarantee + Blocks more than 99.9% of UV rays while still allowing infrared rays to penetrate the roof envelope

Awning, entrances, pergolas, pool covers, shopping malls, sports facilities, walkways

Aqua + Bronze + Clear + Grey + Opal + New heat reflecting Heatstop

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