Danpalon Glazing Systems at the Lake Ainsworth Sports Shed

A building’s façade creates an immutable image in our consciousness: think of the silver undulations of the Guggenheim Bilbao, and the gleaming white tiles on our own Sydney Opera House. Danpalon has an impressive track record when it comes to stunning, practical façades, having provided the “face” for many well recognised projects.

This multi-purpose recreation hall is designed for various sports, as well as meetings, films and theatrical performances, owing much of its versatility to its custom-produced Danpalon glazing system from Danpalon, which incorporates programmed louvres and can be opened at both ends to provide ventilation. The entire structure glows like a delicate oriental lantern at night, and there is no need for artificial lighting during the day. Michael Heenan, Director of Allen Jack+Cottier described the concept thus: “This is really about light – the skin of the building is perfectly smooth…it is as if the building itself does not exist, it is pure reflected light, standing in a stark landscape”, he said.

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