Danpalon Cladding as a Courtyard Screen: Oceanfront House, Coogee, NSW

*Oceanfront House, Coogee, NSW by Rolf Ockert Design Architects*

In this project, Rolf Ockert Design Architects chose Danpalon as a screen to divide two internal courtyards. Using the inherent advantages of Danpalon, the screen allows comfortable diffused light into the second southern courtyard, while giving a sense of privacy and creating a modern appearance. Easy to install and low-maintenance, Danpalon was the perfect choice for this courtyard setting.

Semi-transparent: reduces artificial lighting needs during the day, radiates light at night + Can be used as a feature wall/panel with bright colours and/or graphics + Good thermal insulating properties – reduces the need for artificial heating/cooling + Strong yet lightweight + A wide range of colours, finishes, thicknesses and lengths + Easy to install modular system + Enhanced UV protection

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