Danpalon 16mm Ice Cladding at the Surf Street House, Merricks Beach, VIC

*Surf Street House, Merricks Beach, VIC by Campbell Drake of Chameleon Architecture*

Chameleon Architecture recently created this distinctive holiday house near Hastings in Victoria, using Danpalon 16mm Ice for a feature wall. The choice was driven by new BCA energy efficiency requirements, the desire for privacy, thermal protection and translucent daylight. The Danpalon aesthetic was another major factor in the selection. This unique appearance was enhanced with this use of laser-cut graphics of tea tree grove silhouettes applied on the inside face of the Danpalon panels. During the day, they are discreet and barely visible; when back-lit at night, they add a sense of real drama to the home.

Semi-transparent: reduces artificial lighting needs during the day, radiates light at night + Can be used as a feature wall/panel with bright colours and/or graphics + Good thermal insulating properties – reduces the need for artificial heating/cooling + Strong yet lightweight + A wide range of colours, finishes, thicknesses and lengths + Easy to install modular system + Enhanced UV protection

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