CR Laurence: Screen, Patio, Storm and Window Hardware

CR Laurance’s common tools, accessories, and hardware for screens, patios, storm doors and windows has grown in a span of 40 years.  The extensive collection has all the units that construct a built opening for sliding doors, hinged opening, glazing, security, balances, metre tools.  As a supplier CR Laurence, have nearly every product you could possible need when constructing a building, be it commercial or residential.  The company has worked with architectural companies and have specified for large and small scale projects and are known for their competitive prices.  CR Laurence’s extensive range comes in many variations and colours in singular components or a complete screen system.


Provide an extensive range  +  For whole sale  +  Can specify for large or small scale projects or refer to distributor if not business or industry related  +  Collected knowledge and products for over 40 years

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