CR Laurence: Hardware Systems and Supplies for Hospitality + Service

Hospitality and Service Hardware Systems and Supplies made available by CR Laurence in a range of designs and styles.  CR Laurence have ensured that the range is versatile so that it will match an existing design or desired appearance.  The hardware systems and supplies include standoff systems, glass panel connectors, counter posts, partition posts, prefabricated booth divide posts, partition clamps, elegant series sneeze guards, contemporary series sneeze guards, sculpture series sneeze guards, sneeze guard accessories, tray slide hardware, and service rails and brackets.  The products are available in different high quality finishes for the glass hardware collection and CRL Cap Rail and Hand rails available.


Provide an extensive range  +  For whole sale  +  Can specify for large or small scale projects or refer to distributor if not business or industry related  +  Collected knowledge and products for over 40 years  +  Versatile finishes and colours

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