Clear Flexible PVC Swing Doors

Austcold Industries Clear Flexible PVC Swing Doors provide excellent hygiene, insulation and safety in a wide range of fittings and facilities. The Swing Doors are constructed from 5mm (medium duty) to 7mm (heavy duty) PVC fitted into a stainless galvanized steel frame which give it a wide range of visibility options (depending on finish) while also being able to withstand various amounts of impact. The clear PVC finish allow for users to see oncoming traffic which in turn provides safety, while the opacity can be changed for areas which require privacy. The nature of the PVC Swing Door also prevents disturbances from entering a space whether it be draughts, dust, or pests. In addition to its attributes of hygiene, the Clear Flexible PVC Swing Door system can be opened with the mere push of a hand to the tap of a trolley, alternatively the system closes itself upon entry. Through its materiality and automation the door system is ideal for commercial applications such as Factories, Kitchens, Food Processing Plants, Transport Terminals, Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Cold Storage, and Hospitals. For a hygienic and safe transparent door system look no further than Austcold Industries.



5mm (medium duty) and 7mm(heavy duty) PVC options + galvanised steel mounting frame + various finishes to both the PVC and the steel frame + user automation + superior quality.

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