Automatic Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated Sectional Doors are composed of 100% CFC free polyurethane and galvanized sheet steel which give it a completely weather proof finish, while maintaining excellence in insulation. Austcold Industries Insulated Sectional Doors, can withstand up to class 3 wind pressures, while providing sound dampening of up to 22dB. Furthermore the wide range of options and user friendliness is inherent in its design, from its user detection, control system, security, and safety features. The Sectional Doors also come with two variations from 42mm for temperatures above 0, and 80mm for temperatures below zero. This makes it ideal for a number of applications from: Cool Room Doors, Freezer Room Doors, Garage Doors, and Factory Doors. Austcold Industries Insulated Sectional Doors, are a world leader in insulated automated doors through their user sensitivity, insulation properties, and exceptional performance and quality.



Large range of track options + superior temperature and sound insulation + scratch resistant double glazed windows for clarity + quality drive motors + state of the art control systems + intelligent security and safety systems.


Max Width: 8000mm + Max Height: 7000mm + Wind Pressure: Class 3 + Sound Insulation: -22dB + Thermal Insulation: 1.0W/m².

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