Artisan Clay Pavers by Midland Bricks – Boral

Midland Brick’s Artisan Clay Pavers are a premium clay pavement option for a natural and sophisticated look outdoors.  The double sized pavers come in smooth or light slate face textures that bring a touch of sophistication to any backyard. Enjoy all the natural qualities of clay that goes beyond looks, the 100% natural and recyclable material won’t fade, needs no re-colouring and no sealing.  The artisan clay pavers also have high level slip resistance so they can be safely used in wet areas: steps, sloping pathways and driveways.  The sustainable solution can seamlessly bring together an entire backyard area, from swimming pools to courtyards and entertaining areas with matching artisan bullnose pavers.    


Double sided  +  Recyclable and reusable  +  Naturally fade-resistant  +  Ideal for slippery areas  +  Stylish square format  +  Available in light slate or smooth face textures  +  Colours available:  Calico, Sienna, Hessian and Ash 


300 x 300 x 40 square sized pavers  


Artisan Bullnose Paver

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