300 Narrowline Aluminium Framing System

The Capral 300 Narrowline centre glazed framing system is among Capral Aluminium’s extensive range of commercial aluminium products.  As leading Australian suppliers, Capral are experts in everything aluminium, producing only quality products.  The 300 Narrowline’s crisp and sleek appearance is ideal for shopfronts with moderate to large dimensions, to create a minimal and modern look.  A discreet self-draining feature embedded in the 300 Narrowline’s design minimises water leakage to building interiors and is also suitable for dry glazing.  Glass thicknesses ideal for the 300 Narrowline range from 4mm to 10mm.  Capral Aluminium also specialise in industrial, architectural and residential aluminium products that span from window frames, geometric sections and doors.  

Glass thicknesses: 4mm – 10 mm  

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