Decors, surfaces, products and services – a cleverly interlocked system.

The EGGER Decorative Collection 2017–2019 for specification and shopfitting was launched in January 2017. A comprehensive decor range, surface textures with the latest technological developments, an expanded product range, and intelligent services all perfectly interlocked. With this collection, EGGER supports fabricators and architects through every project phase: from providing inspiration and helping to identify ideas, all the way to the final implementation.

9-Grid system: providing orientation innovatively

The EGGER Decorative Collection 2017–2019 responds to the desire for better orientation and selection with the newly developed 9-Grid system. With over 300 decors and a variety of different materials, EGGER has created an orientation system that makes it possible to work efficiently. The decors, arranged in compact 9-Grids, allow a fast, direct comparison between colours and shades.

Nine style worlds that inspire

Style worlds are a central element of the new EGGER Decorative Collection. The style worlds contain current trend themes that are key for the entire interior design sector. EGGER centred its decor innovations on the basis of these style worlds.

Example of style worlds:

The style world Colour meets Nature includes decors that focus on a wide colour range in the decor image. It includes natural elements, but with a difference thus becoming a decor with independent characteristics. The focus is on the colour.

Decors that give a calm, soothing impression are included in the style world Nordic Style. Their Nordic character is not only due to light types of wood. The combination with textile reproductions and modern metallic accents is just as important.

The style world Effective Surfaces shows special surface effects with decors with metallic appearance and with crystalline 2-colour effects. They achieve a certain brilliance and depth effect thanks to their pearlescent content.

Loft Living is the style world whose decors symbolise lavish living in the city. It contains many material reproductions that also occur in urban environments. The used look is particularly stylish. In addition to concrete reproductions, there are light wood types that create a certain lightness alongside stone materials and ensure a warm atmosphere.

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