Precast Beams and Columns

Because production occurs off-site when using Hollow Core Precast Concrete Beams and Columns, each product is put through a rigorous prestressing process. Furthermore, by choosing a precast concrete product, there is no need to prop the beams, and no need for expensive on-site formwork. Hollow Core Concrete Precast Columns and Beams are available in a range of cross sections, including an inverted T beam, inverted L beam, and rectangular beam, so that even though precast, the beams and columns offer maximum design versatility. *FEATURES* Rugged and durable + Manufactured off-site + Prestressed + No need for expensive and inconvenient on-site formwork + Wide range of cross-sections for design flexibility *RANGE* Inverted T Beam + Inverted L Beam + Rectangular Beam

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