Wren Industries’ Concertina Foil Batts for Reflective Aluminium Insulation

Concertina Foil Batts use radiant heat barrier technology to provide an effective combination insulation system for both winter and summer climates, suitable for use in new and existing roof spaces, flat or cathedral, ceilings, air conditioning, ductwork, walls and floors. In contrast to bulk insulation used alone, foil insulation works as a reflective barrier, rather than an absorber of heat. A layer of shiny aluminium foil on one or both sides of the material reflects almost all the high temperature radiation in summer, emitting very little on the underside. It also provides much less resistance to rising heat than bulk insulation, which promotes the rapid cooling of houses after sundown. Foil used alone is therefore the best insulation available for buildings in warm, winterless climates, and where there are cold winters the combination of foil and bulk insulations will ensure comfort all year round.


Unique variable resistance to heat flow in roof spaces  +  Efficient radiant heat barrier insulation technology  +  For dual winter and summer climates  +  Major cooling benefits for naturally ventilated houses  +  Ceiling temperatures reduced by approx. 5-10 degrees  +  Protects air conditioning ductwork  +  Reduces energy and air conditioning running costs  +  Perforated foil batts available for drainage from rain in floors  +  Easy to retrofit under existing floors  +  Lightweight  +  Compact  +  Easy to transport and store 


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