Titantuff™ by Sisalation® Medium Duty Wall Wrap-Standard

Titantuff™ by Sisalation® extra heavy duty wall wrap insulation has a layer of aluminium foil which is bonded to a tear resistant polymer based weave, suitable for use as a wall wrap: a typical brick veneer for domestic and commercial buildings. This product by Sisalation® is suitable for use in buildings in bushfire prone areas, as it is a protective membrane which offers resistance to puncturing and tearing. It offers an effective barrier against vapours, dust, moisture and heat penetration when overlapped, forming a protective barrier when sealed with Sisalation® Vapastop 883 self adhesive aluminium tape.

The edge tear resistance lateral direction is minimum 65, similar to the edge tear resistance machine direction + Classified medium duty with a high water barrier + Roll size width: 1350 m + Length: 20 or 60 mm + Area: 81 m2 or 27 m2 + Weight: 12.1 kg or 4.0 kg

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