SonoBatts® Premium Acoustic Insulation

SonoBatts® are the premium range of sound control insulation made from high density, flexible glass wool, also known as mineral wool. SonoBatts® are an ideal alternative to rock wool for timber framed wall cavities, between the floors and ceiling overlays for use as a sound absorbing material for many areas including home theatres, architectural acoustic areas with screens and partitions. Such insulation is designed exclusively to offer maximum performance solutions to problem acoustics when dealing with low frequency sounds.

SonoBatts offers utmost thermal performance + This is a 100 mm R3.0 product, a perfect solution for houses are under flight paths + Often combined with Permastop, a foil faced blanket insulation used under metal deck roofs.

Nominal R-Value available in many types: R1.5, R2.1, R2.7 and R3.0 m2k/w + Batt size: 1160 x 430 and 1160 x 580 for all SonoBatts + Nominal Density: 32 kg/m3

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