SisalTuff™ 456 Metal Roof Extra Heavy Duty

SisalTuff™ 456 Metal Roof Extra Heavy Duty is a heavy duty reflective foil laminate developed for the sarking of residential metal roofs. The outer layer of aluminium foil is bonded to the Extra heavy duty weave with a heavy coating of flame retardant adhesives. The weave face is blue in order to reduce any problems with reflected glare during installation, and when used with airspace, it is an effective thermal insulation material because of the high reflectivity and low emissivity of its aluminium foil surface.

Offers an effective barrier against vapours, heat, dust and moisture penetration when overlapped and sealed with Sisalation Vapastop 883 self adhesive aluminium tape + Complies with the needs of AS/NZS4859.1 + Contribution to Total R-value depends on installation and environmental conditions

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