Sisalation® Multi-Purpose Light Duty (439) Foil Insulation

Sisalation® Multi Purpose Light Duty 439 is a double side glare reflective foil laminate which can be exclusively used under suspended timber joists, and also to wrap brick veneer wall frames under metal deck roofing. Flame retardant Sisalation® is provided for use in buildings in bushfire prone areas, and offers an effective barrier against wind, moisture, heat, dust and vapour penetration whilst overlapped. Its effective insulation is enhanced when sealed with Sisalation® Vapastop 883 self adhesive aluminium tape.

Kraft paper is bonded to a second foil with a coating of flame retardant adhesive and reinforced with fibreglass strands + Roll size width: 1350 mm, length: 60 and 20 m + Area size: 81 m2 (Weight: 19.77kg) or 27 m2 (Weight: 6.59kg)

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