Sisalation® Heavy Duty Facing Foil-450

Sisalation Facing Foil Heavy Duty 450 is a double side reflective foil laminate recommended as a vapour barrier in the lining and lagging of air conditioning pipes, vessels and ducts. Sisalation® insulating products are used to face building blankets for metal duck roofs and underpinning concrete roof slabs when there is a need for tear resistant facing. When this insulating foil is used in combination with airspace, it is an effective thermal insulation material due to its high reflectivity and low emissivity of its aluminium foil surfaces. It offers an effective barrier against moisture, heat, dust and wind penetration when overlapped.

Outer layer of aluminium foil laminate with high density kraft paper plus unique extrusion polyethylene for a superior bond + Second layer of kraft paper then bonded with a heavy coat of flame retardant adhesive and reinforced with many strands of fibreglass in two directions + Finally, another outer layer of foil is laminated with extrusion for superior bond.

Various roll sizes; 1350mm, 1200mm and 1000mm + Lengths: 60mm, 300mm and 500mm + Nominal weight: 348gsm

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