Reflecta Guard Roof Insulation

Reflecta Guard Roof Insulation is one of the premium insulation techniques featuring acoustic dampening. It lessens noise from rainfall and provides the highest R-value in Reflecta-Range. As such, one can experience comfort to the fullest with maximum savings. This product fits into double brick walls, making it ideal for small spaces. Reflecta Guard Roof Insulation can be installed over purlins and battens, or under rafters, allowing for a significant reduction in rain noise, especially in workplaces and sheds.

Long life-span + Greatest level of comfort + Maximum savings

Width: 1500 mm + Thickness: 13.5 mm + Code: RC3212 + Silver Side Emittance: 0.10 + Roll Weight: 18 Kg + Roll Diameter: 560 mm + Roll Size: 20 X 1.5 m

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