Quiet Batts Commercial Acoustic Partition Insulation

Quiet Batts are made from flexible, lightweight and resilient glasswool, also known as mineral wool, designed to free stand for instant installation in steel stud framing for residential as well as commercial buildings. These batts are designed for effective sound absorption and reduce the transfer of noise between rooms economically. Quiet Batts offer a good solution for achieving a minimum Rw45 wall which is required by the BCA for aged care homes. These versatile insulation batts are easy to cut and install in walls and partitions where there is a need for reliable sound and thermal control.

Quiet Batts are lightweight and also easy to cut + Installed in walls and partitions where there is a need for improvised thermal performance + Manufactured from FBS-1 Bio-Soluble glass wool + Superior results and reduced costs compared to polyester insulation when used in similar wall systems + Density:11 kg/m3 + Available in 50, 75 and 90 mm thickness

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