Noise Stop Board ™ High Density Acoustic Underlay

Noise Stop Board™ is ideal for controlling the room sound transmission from one room to another in places like classrooms, offices, medical rooms, houses and apartments. It offers a barrier against any loud and unwanted sound. Such kind of underlay boards are made from a heavy density glass wool panel which reduces sound transmission when it is used in timber or steel stud walls. Noise Stop Boards™ are fixed to separate studs under the plasterboard and in this way act as an isolating medium. Such boards are also used in concrete floor systems and framed ceilings to create a barrier to sound transmission between the floors.

When used as a separate medium in floating floor and double leaf wall systems, it elevates the IIC (Impact Isolation Class) performance of the system + Superior compressive strength and recovers to its nominal thickness even after prolonged compression.

Thickness: 13 mm + Dimensions: 1200 x 914 mm + Nominal density: 168 kg/m3 + Area per pack: 11.0 m2 + Quantity per pack: 10 pieces

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