Fletcher Insulation’s Eurocoustic White Satin Range

The Eurocoustic White Satin range by Fletcher Insulation is a highly effective acoustic and self-supporting ceiling tile with a Boreal Finish.   Made out of stone wool and boreal finish in a white satin, the reverse side is reinforced with a natural glass tissue mat and is painted on the edges to ensuring a completely sealed surface and maximizing its acoustic performance. Like most of the Eurocoustic collection the White Satin colour minimizes the usage of powered lights because of its highly reflective qualities.  The range is perfect for office, shopping centre, restaurant, hotel, and school applications.  

Exceptional acoustic qualities  +  Elegant detailing  +  easily cleanable surface  +  High light reflection reduces the requirement for powered lighting  +  Completely sealed surface to maximize acoustic performance  

Available with a discrete screen or classic design  +  Comes in two lengths 600 x 600 mm or 1200 x 600 mm +  Thickness is 15 mm  +  Material R-value (metres squared K/W) is R 0.38  +  Boreal Finish in White Satin  +  Fire Protected with a Group 1 classification under AS/NZS 3837: 1998

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