Cosyfloor® Polyester Underfloor Insulation

Cosyfloor Polyester Underfloor insulation is made from a blend of polyester fibres which are bonded with a low melt fibre in order to produce a 100 percent polyester insulation. Such polyester fibres are especially made from synthetic polymers which are known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET). In order to reduce the landfill, plastic drink bottles are recycled, thereby reducing the production of a portion of the fibres which are used to manufacture Cosyfloor. Furthermore, when installed correctly, Cosyfloor reduces heating and cooling energy costs of the building.

Strong, lightweight, soft to handle and easy to install as a retrofit or during construction + Helps meet the five star energy efficiency needs for suspended timber floors + Polyester PET fibres partially made from recycled materials

Nominal R-value: either R1.5 m2 k/w or R2.0 m2 k/w + Roll size: 10m x 450 mm + Nominal thickness: 90 or 125 mm + 2 Rolls per pack + Area per pack: 9.0m2

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