Audio Panel High Density Sound Absorption Panels

Audio Panel High Density Sound Absorption Panels are sanded on one side for a smooth aesthetic finish when covered by material. These products are suitable as sound absorption panels for areas like sports venues, restaurants, cafes and auditorium. Audio Panels have excellent compressive strength and it recovers to its nominal thickness even after long compression periods. Audio Panel have sound absorption coefficients when tested in accordance with AS 1045 by the Reverberation Room Method (Mounting N4 – laid flat on floor).

Tested with an atmosphere of 65 percent of relatively humidity at 20 degree Celsius as per the British Standard 2972: moisture content is less than 0.1 % so the panel does not encourage steel corrosion + Slightly alkaline, pH9 + Thickness: 25 to 50 mm + Dimensions: 300 x 1200 mm + Density: 96 kg/m2 + Mass/unit area: 2.4 and 4.8 kg/m2

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