InfinitiStone® EziFit Stacked Stone

_More affordable, lightweight and versatile than solid stone, InfinitiStone® EziFit Stacked Stone contains a silicon-based water repellent which is thoroughly mixed with composite material at the time of manufacturing, ensuring a more lasting effect in comparison with paint, brush, or spray-on methods of water resistance. InfinitiStone® EziFit Stacked Stone is also non-combustible, promising zero flame spread and zero smoke development._

Strong, durable and lightweight + Looks just like real solid stone + Superior water repellant properties + Zero flame spread and zero smoke development + Easy to install (no structural changes required)

Open Porosity: < 35% + Compressive Strength: > 12 N/sq. mm + Flexural Strength: > 5 N/sq. mm + Unit Weight: 35-45 Kg/sq. m + Thickness: 20-40 mm

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