Hollow Core Floor Slabs

Hollow Core Floor Slabs are prestressed, precast concrete slabs usually utilised for strong, lightweight structural flooring. Each slab has between 4 and 6 longitudinal cores running through it, the primary purpose of which is to decrease weight and material inside the floor, while maintaining maximum strength. To further increase the strength, each slab is reinforced with 12mm steel strands running longitudinally. There are a range of slab depths available, chosen on the basis of project requirements, depending on loading performance and span.

No propping, long spans + Flexible in terms of design + Quick construction + Lightweight structures + Trimmer beans can get used

Design Width : 1200 mm + Self-weight: around 426 Kg/sq. Km + No. of cores: 4 to 6

Slab Depths: 200 mm, 220 mm, 300 mm, 320 mm

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