Feelwood – The Look Without the Drawbacks

The look without the drawbacks

Never before have our decors looked so real. We have improved and evolved a brand new generation of finishes, known as Feelwood.

Feelwood is a surface where texture and grain pattern align, also known as synchronised pore – this creates a high-quality tactile impression. Not only do our reproductions look like veneer or solid wood, they are extremely durable, lightfast, and easy to clean. And unlike solid wood work-tops EGGER worktops don’t require regular maintenance such as oiling or sanding. They are also significantly less likely to fade in sunlight.

In addition to melamine-faced chipboards, EGGER synchronised pore surfaces are now also available as compact laminates and laminates.

The matching end grain edging completes the range. A common rule of thumb for solid wood worktops is to oil every week for the first six weeks and every three months thereafter.

For more details, please click here for Egger’s website.

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