STAGE 40 Pep Core Translucent Panels

The Marketing Zoo in Sydney’s Pyrmont has taken advantage of Clear-PEP Stage 40‘s versatility to ensure its premises are eye-catching and unique through its patented core geometry. This material combines toughness, detailed visual complexity and a gently smudged translucence to provide a contrast of a lemon-lit flooring section between brushed concrete and polished floorboards.  

The scratch resistant surface provides provides full or partial privacy, combined with its excellent light transmission capabilities it can be turned into a coloured feature. With the reliance of a high load bearing capacity of up to 500 kg/sq m it is both durable for high-use and excellent for high-impact applications including: trafficable mezzanines, illuminated floors and landings, showroom and venue flooring, feature awnings, pathways, walkways and more. 

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