Mastermesh® Perforated Metal – Custom perforated design solutions

Mastermesh® manufacture custom designed perforated panels in a variety of materials suitable for internal and external applications. 

Custom design solutions – Perforated metals are perfect for custom designed applications because of the sheer versatility the product offers. By using different technologies and types of perforation, our Mastermesh® team can create unique and creative perforated panels tailored to any project with complete flexibility on hole shape and size, pitch and open area. We can also perforate many different materials including galvanised mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass as well as supplying perforated metal panels in particular shapes, powder coated or folded. 

In industrial fields perforated metal is most commonly used for screens, filters, shields and guards but is also widely used for its structural and aesthetic elements in architectural and interior design applications. Many architects are now turning to perforated metal to achieve modern and unique looks for both internal and external applications. Perforated metal is so versatile in both material and perforation patterns that it is used as a cladding medium, for signage, artwork and even to reproduce images.

In-house design team – The in-house Mastermesh® team are experts in perforation manufacturing and will suggest the best solution for any custom design project. For all architectural and design applications, our Mastermesh® team will work with you as project partners, helping to manage all the phases of a custom designed project, offering advice on the best solutions and suggestions for an easier installation process.

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