Colouring Vertical Structures

Creating an identity for a building has never been so easy with Colour Concrete Systems.  The concrete colouring product for vertical structures is available in a range of colours and impressive textures, from neutral, natural to emotive.  Precast panels make it easier to apply and customise the finishes.  Highly textured facades are generally made offsite keeping the quality of each panel consistent and removing the trouble of premature exposure to the elements during production. Simpler forms can be installed efficiently on-site. As well as working with and enhancing distinct facades, the finish acts as a protective layer that keeps it colour for a long period of time despite the exposure seasonal changes. The new range of seamless mats offers interesting textures, from ocean inspired floor mats, wooden planks and stibes. Such a large range of colour textures and finishes ensures a distinct end result that will surely compliment any built structure.

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