Boral Panelwood Timber Cladding

Panelwood offers builders, home owners and designers quality pine panelling that creates a distinctive interior timber finish for walls and ceilings. Manufactured from South Pine and Hoop pine veneers, Boral Panelwood can be used for lining the cabinets and making furniture, adding a natural timber finish to any commercial or domestic application. Because it is also strong and lightweight, and so can also be used for structural flooring and roof bracing, ensuring long-term durability and performance.

Available in a range of sizes and thicknesses + Perfect for clear finishing when used with high grade face veneers + Strong and light weight as a structural panel

Veneer Grades: A band, B face, and C or D back + Dimensions: 2400 mm x 1200 mm/ 2700 mm x 1200 mm + Thickness: 7, 10,12,15,17 and 19 mm + Has V grooved face profile + 3.0 mm deep with 100 mm space

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