Boral Mariner Plywood Veneers

Used extensively in the boat building industry, Boral Marinewood plywood products are the pinnacle of internal decorative building materials. They are quite strong, lightweight and easy to work with, having a fine, even textured face and good strength-to-weight ratio. These factors make Boral Marinewood ideal for marine areas, especially boat hulls, where the plywood needs to combine superior aesthetics and resistance to harsh climatic conditions. Marinewood plywood panels are manufactured with a high grade hoop pone face and back, and 2.4 mm slash pine veneers in the core, meeting both marine and structural standards.

Suitable for use with modern epoxy systems to offer virtual impermeable moisture barrier + Like all Boral Plywood marine products, has an A grade face and back + Minimum stress F14 and included in AS/NZS 1720 + Used widely in boat building industry

Length and width: 1800 mm x 1200 mm / 2400 mm x 1200 mm + Thickness: 4mm to 25mm + Stress grade: F14

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