Boral Exteriorwood Cladding

Boral Plywood’s Exterior Wood has high grade face veneers and is ideal for wall panelling, walls, ceiling, interiors and even furniture where a high quality, high durability outdoor finish is required. Exterior Wood combines the strength of a marine grade A bond with double-sanded B grade face veneers to guarantee a clean, smooth, high quality surface finish. A wide range of decorative hoop pine veneers is also available, offering a selection of attractive surface finishes for various applications.

Is worked with conventional machinery and can be nailed or screwed within 10 mm + Applications: wall panelling, walls, ceilings, boat interiors, furniture + Can be used for internal fixtures, shop fittings, kitchen fixtures and such buildings +

Complies with AS/NZS2271 Standard + B grade face veneer with B or C grade back + Dimensions: 2400 x 1200mm Thickness: 4mm to 25mm + Weight: Approximately 650 kg/m3

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