AT40 Poly-spectral Coated Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Based on electro-chemical treatment, poly-spectral stainless steel depicts a coloured surface, without the need for any pigmented coatings. The wires are, instead, covered with a thin, transparent, chemically resistant layer of Chromium Oxide. Colour impression is determined by the thickness of this layer, along with audience’s viewing angle, Common applications include logos or signage, with variation in the perceived colour taking place due to the way that light is reflected from the surface. iO Metal Fabrics offers AT40 Polyspectral coated stainless steel mesh in seven diverse colours, on one or both sides of the metal fabric.

Type of mesh: Dokawell-Mono + Aperture: 2 X 6 mm + Wire Diameter: 0.9-1.4 mm + Weight: 3.6 Kg/ sq. m + Open Area: 56% + Standard Width: 2 m

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