EGGER OS’Brace® The Trusted Bracing Panel

EGGER OS’Brace® is a highly quality, moisture resistant, innovative and environmentally sustainable, structural bracing panel designed and manufactured specifically for the Australian building and construction industry. EGGER OS’Brace® H2 Blue is a termite-treated to H2 level complementing your fully termite-treated timber framing package.

The EGGER OS’Brace® panel is the latest oriented strand bracing development: it is lightweight, with improved stiffness, can be easily cut, drilled, nailed and withstands many a rain shower.

EGGER OS’Brace® panels are made in the most modern OSB plants from environmentally sustainable wood resources – conserving the world’s threatened tropical forests and is manufactured in European plants which are certified according to the chain-of-custody schemes of FSC and PEFC. Wood purchase is annually audited according to FSC “Controlled Wood“ (CW) standard.

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