Artlantis Studio

For the creation of animations and virtual panoramas, Artlantis Studio is the ideal software solution. Developed in partnership with AXYZ Design, Artlantis Studio animates objects, characters, and scenes.

The powerful software maintains an intuitive, user friendly interface, with 3D people and objects placed using a simple ‘drag’ and drop, and fully customisable in terms of scale, materiality, and colour.

Artlantis Studio’s camera simulation functionality allows navigation of a rendered scene, giving users and clients a feel of the interior atmosphere and character of a space. The programs ‘timeline’ window facilitates precision editing, and a broad range of lighting and lens features ensures high resolution graphics on each project.

In conjunction with iVisit 3D, Artlantis Studio allows for the creation of panoramic views of a project, with these images then exportable to Flash and other presentation platforms. Full 360º navigation means that project images can be viewed smoothly and seamlessly both on desktop computers and mobile devices on which the free iVisit 3D app is installed. 

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