Artlantis 5

The latest in Abvent’s range of 3D rendering software, Artlantis 5 is the French company’s most comprehensive and user friendly program to date. Suitable for architects, designers, and students alike, the software generates high quality photorealistic renders for presentations and competitions.

Artlantis 5 incorporates features from earlier versions of the program, streamlining an already user friendly interface to optimise the rendering process. A collated workspace and full screen view capability on both Mac and PC allows for a holistic overview of projects and modelling tools, alongside a real-time, high definition preview functionality.

A multitude of viewpoints and the ability to save and organise each of these allows designers to truly interrogate a structure or object. Light sources, angles, solar shading, and camera lenses are all fully customisable, with numerous adjustable parameters ensuring that renders are optimised to best represent each project.

Though designed for 3D visualisation and rendering, Artlantis 5 also features 2D capabilities, allowing for orthogonal visualisations in plan and section views.

Artlantis 5 is compatible with most 3D modelling software, and can create and process the majority of 3D modelling files types. 

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