OP-DLC 4 4-Input Digital Video Recorder

The OP-DLC 4 4-Input Digital Video Recorder allows the user to watch every corner, door, aisle or hallway, with motion detection and local archiving, with advanced encoding techniques and small file size. Suitable for applications such as banks, retail stores, gas stations and parking lots, these digital video recorders are a high performance and economical system, offering continuous video and audio recording from four camera and alarm handling. This makes the OP-DLC 4-input Digital Video Recorder a round-the-clock surveillance partner, with an emphasis on uninterrupted real time recordings even while the user is playing back the earlier recordings.

Capture and record weeks of activity + Provides reliable and continuous CCTV surveillance with no downtime + Easy to search for specific dates, alarms, time and motion + Built in USB port to USB memory stick + Embedded proof of authentication

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